Tips and resources for improving your relationships

Every relationship is different – each with its own unique challenges and rewards. To help you get the most out of yours, I share my most successful advice, resources, and “quick tips” for taking your relationship to the next level … gleaned from my decades of experience as a couples counselor in Cincinnati, OH.

~ Julie Hattershire

sex quiz for married couple

Sexual Quiz For Couples + Expert Tips from a Sex Therapist

Takeaway: Curious where your sex life stands? This quiz will shed some light on whether or not you’re truly satisfied. Plus, I share some real tips that I give my sex therapy clients. Let’s dive in! Are you and your partner trying to improve your intimate life? If so, you’re not alone. Many couples go […]

should i leave my husband quiz

Should I Leave My Husband: Quiz & Expert Tips to Help You Decide

Takeaway: Are you at a crossroads in your relationship? My “Should I stay with my husband” quiz can help you decide what to do. Plus, I include some expert tips to give you even more advice about how to move forward. Thinking about leaving your husband can feel like a daunting decision. Deciding to get a […]

should i stay in this relationship quiz

Should I Stay in this Relationship Quiz: Decoding Your Heart

Takeaway: It can be hard to decide whether or not to stay in your relationship sometimes. My “when to leave a relationship quiz” can help you reflect on your decision. Plus, I give my expert tips on how else you can decide. Ever found yourself at a relationship crossroads? Does the relationship have any hope? […]

sex therapy exercises

3 Best Sex Therapy Exercises You Can Try at Home

Takeaway: If you and your partner are struggling with your sexual intimacy, it might feel like things will never improve or change. I’m here to tell you that’s (thankfully) not the case. These sex therapy exercises for couples will help you and your partner feel closer and more connected than ever. If you’re looking for […]

does my husband love me anymore quiz

Does My Husband Love Me Anymore Quiz

Takeaway: Struggling to make sense of the disconnect between you and your partner? My “Does My Husband Still Love Me?” quiz will help you get a deeper understanding of what might be going on. Plus, I offer my top tips for what to do if you’re worried that the spark in your relationship has gone […]

rebuild trust after infidelity

Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity: Best Tips to Try

Takeaway: Infidelity can shake the foundation of your relationship–but it is possible to heal. I’ve seen it firsthand with the couples I’ve helped in my years of working as a couples therapist. In this post, I share some of my top tips (including ones I give my clients) about how to rebuild trust after cheating. […]

feeling sexually disconnected from partner

Feeling Sexually Disconnected From Partner: 6 Tips to Try Today

Takeaway: If you’re feeling sexually disconnected from your spouse, you’re not alone. Many couples experience this, and it is possible to reconnect with each other. In this post, I break down some of the common reasons why this happens and offer my expert tips for what you can do about it. Ever felt like the closeness […]

[PODCAST] Why to make yourself more interesting?

Check out my friend Cory Carlson’s podcast: Win at Home First featuring … ME! About the Podcast Cory wrote a great book by the same title (Win at Home First), all about how you really can’t be fully successful in business if your personal life’s a mess. I couldn’t agree more! AND, business success doesn’t […]

Read Your Partner’s Mind + Other Relationship Super Powers

In some superhero movies, a specific event happens that gives the hero their powers. Peter Parker (Spiderman) is bitten by a spider and Bruce Banner (Hulk) is exposed to radiation. If there could be a super-power for couples to gain from COVID-19, my vote would be for something to vanquish the harm done by mind […]

Between the Sheets: Breaking the Taboo Around Sex

When did pleasure become so taboo? I mean, I know when, but why? Well, I also know why, but why are we not doing more about that nonsense?

How to Respect Your Partner’s Time in a Relationship

Imagine this scene: You’re at the office, working on a project. It’s important, or complicated, or nearly overdue, or just plain interesting to you, so you’re giving it your full attention. Suddenly, out of the blue, a co-worker walks in, sits down, and starts talking to you about something totally unrelated and, honestly, not interesting […]

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Why is it so hard to say we’re sorry? And why is it so hard to accept someone’s apology? When the stakes are higher, we often freeze up, and that’s a problem. Learn more.

5 Golden Rules for Long Distance Love

Long-distance relationships can be so challenging at times – and might seem nearly impossible right now. Learn how to make yours work in COVID and beyond.

Why Shared Values are Essential to Successful Relationships

We’ve all know it’s a good thing when couples share life goals, hobbies, interests, etc. But, how do you prioritize those values for success? Let’s find out

Love in the Time of Coronavirus • 9 Ways to Navigate Your Relationship

Flattening the curve. Social distancing. Self-quarantine. Dine-in options closed. Stores closing. Working from home. Travel plans canceled. These terms are in the news, in our ears, and in our lives for the foreseeable future. That means more time with our partners, minus distractions. No bars for happy hours. No concerts, ballgames, festivals. No dining out. […]

Empathy: the Pixie Dust of Your Heart

Listen with your heart Always lead with empathy   There are not that many things I say “always” or “never” about, but this is one: empathy is the magic pixie dust of relationships, the secret sauce, the foundation that makes everything else possible. By itself, it doesn’t fix every problem in a troubled relationship, but […]

How to Have a Sexy Leap Year

Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and see what you’re like from that vantage point. It can be eye-opening and a catalyst for important change.

Put Yourself in Your Partner’s Shoes

Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and see what you’re like from that vantage point. It can be eye-opening and a catalyst for important change.

Couples on the Couch: QUICK TIPS

Dive into my most successful and action-oriented tips for better communication in your relationships. While these tips are geared towards couples, they are valuable for any type of relationship.

Clear-Eyed Dating — 7 Tips for Dating Success in 2020

As a single relationship therapist in the dating world, I face unique challenges that “civilians” don’t. I also have a perspective on the whole process that’s different from that of my clients who are also single, since I come at it from both my personal and professional mindsets. I’d like to share with you seven […]

One-and-Only … or One-of-Many? (a guide to consensual non-monogamy)

What is Consensual Non-Monogamy? There’s a lot of talk in the relationship world lately about this idea of consensual or ethical non-monogamy. Consensual non-monogamy (CNM) describes a relationship in which all individuals within the relationship agree to not being monogamous, and all individuals involved in the relationship are aware that it is not a monogamous […]

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable [Interview]

I was interviewed again (!) on Q102, this time about “How to Argue”…which I retitled “How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable”. Amy and I talked about ways to have effective, kind, productive conversations about difficult topics, and how to avoid either attacking or becoming defensive. Give it a listen and let me know what you […]

How to Be a Better Partner [interview]

For the past several months, I’ve been emailing, Facebooking, and Instagramming relationship tips every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. (You can sign up for them below, or find me on FB and Insta.) They’re just a few sentences each, and they hit on topics like sex, how to argue effectively, making time for each other, […]

Couples Therapy — don’t wait ‘till it’s too late

Hands down, my biggest frustration as a relationship therapist is that SO many of clients come to me y-e-a-r-s too late! People often seek therapy when things are so bad they can’t stand it, and it makes my job so much harder and their chances of success so much lower. Many couples come in once […]

Who Are You, Really?

The poet Maya Angelou is known for so many beautifully worded ideas … after all, she’s a poet! One of my favorites of hers is, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Note, she didn’t write, “When people tell you who they are …” she deliberately used the word “show.” This is her […]

No Pain, No Gain? Well…sometimes

We’ve all heard that phrase, often applied to working out or dieting. When it comes to emotions or relationships, though, we often do everything we can to avoid any pain at all, and sometimes, pain can be good. First, let’s define pain. When it comes to us humans in relationships, I’m going to define pain […]

3… 2… 1… Impact!

In close relationships, impact is important. In fact, the closer we are to someone, the more impact we have on each other. Let’s look at some of the ways this plays out, in both positive and negative scenarios. Let’s say you left for work in a hurry, and the kitchen was a mess. As you […]

The Sexiest Words a Man Can Say

“I’ve Got This”. The sexiest words a man can say. Or are they? It’s hard to be a man dating or in a relationship with a woman these days. I know, I know, “poor them”, right? But, hear me out. Women reading this, give my ideas a chance. Men, see if any of this resonates […]