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Does My Husband Love Me Anymore Quiz

Takeaway: Struggling to make sense of the disconnect between you and your partner? My “Does My Husband Still Love Me?” quiz will help you get a deeper understanding of what might be going on. Plus, I offer my top tips for what to do if you’re worried that the spark in your relationship has gone out.

Do you wonder if your husband loves you anymore? Do you worry that his love might not be as strong as before? Is he not the person he used to be? If yes, you’re not the first person to feel this way in your marriage life. It’s normal to feel like this, so remember that hope is not lost. I’m here to answer your lingering questions. 

Here you’ll find a specially designed ‘Does my husband love me?’ quiz to help you gain clarity in your love and family life. These questions will provoke insightful reflection and serve as signs for your next step. First things first, congratulate yourself for being here. Making the effort to understand and nurture your relationship can bring about positive change in your marriage life.

Who my “How Do I Know if My Husband Still Loves Me?” quiz is for

In the honeymoon days, it seems like the signs of love and affection will never end! But after some time that initial excitement settles and the relationship becomes more nuanced. We may even start to experience doubt about our partner’s feelings for us. If that sounds like your experience, then this quiz is for you.

Quizzes like this one are a roadmap to help you figure out the current state of your relationship. They’re designed to be simple and accessible so that you can use them no matter where you are in your relationship. However, remember that this quiz is just the beginning of your exploration, so stay on course by exploring your questions further and reaching out for help when you need it!

does my husband love me quizzes

Does Your Husband Love You Quiz

This ‘Does my husband love me?’ quiz

It’s important to answer these questions thoughtfully and honestly. Doing so will help you gain a clearer understanding of your relationship dynamics and figure out a path forward. 

Ready for the quiz? Let’s dive in.

Question 1

Consider how your husband communicates affection and appreciation in your marriage. Consider both verbal and non-verbal communication as relevant forms of expression. Which of the following answers best describes your experience?

  1. He frequently expresses affection and appreciation with words and physical intimacy.
  2. He occasionally shows affection and appreciation.
  3. He rarely or never expresses affection and appreciation in words or non-verbally.

Question 2

Think about how much quality time you and your husband spend together. Consider shared activities, meaningful conversation, and your sense of connection as examples of shared quality time. Which of the following best describes your experience?

A) We spend quality time together regularly.

B) We spend time together when we can, but it’s infrequent.

C) We rarely spend quality time together.

Question 3

Consider the level of emotional support you feel that you receive from him. Consider how he deals with challenges, listens to your thoughts and concerns, and pays attention to your emotional well-being. Which of the following best describes your experience?

  1. He is consistently there for me emotionally.
  2. He provides support, but it can be inconsistent.
  3. I feel emotionally unsupported in our relationship and it’s making me unhappy.

Question 4

Reflect on the quality of communication in your marriage. How comfortable are you and your husband with talking about authentic thoughts and feelings – both personal and those related to the relationship?

  1. We communicate openly and effectively.
  2. Communication is okay, but there are areas that need improvement.
  3. We struggle with communication, and there’s a lack of openness.

Question 5

Consider your shared goals. Think about whether you both share a vision for the future or if your long-term vision and goals are very different. Which of the following describes your experience?

A) We have clear shared goals and plans for the future.

B) We have some common goals, but there’s a lack of clarity.

C) Our goals and plans for the future are mostly separate.

Question 6

Consider the quality of the physical connection, passion, and desire in your relationship. Reflect on intimacy, affection, and overall satisfaction.

A) Our physical connection is strong and satisfying.

B) There are moments of intimacy, but it’s not consistent.

C) Our physical connection is lacking or absent.

Remember that honest, authentic answers are important here. The more truth you explore with these questions the more clear your path forward will become. Use this quiz as a tool for self-reflection and let it serve as a catalyst for open communication in your relationship. 

Ready to interpret your results?

do my husband love me quiz

Interpreting your results

Let’s interpret those results to help you discover what your answers reveal about your relationship experience. Remember, this quiz serves as a guide to help you gain relationship clarity, but the results are not black and white. Every relationship is unique, so complement your quiz results with open conversation, support from friends, or the guidance of an expert couples therapist.

Mostly A’s: Mostly A’s is a sign that your husband offers consistent appreciation and affection. The physical connection is strong and you are committed to understanding each other. If you still feel like something is ‘off’, that’s ok. Figuring things out may just require some more reflection and guided exploration. 

Mostly B’s: Mostly B’s are a sign that there is room to improve certain areas of your relationship. Your connection is strong but there may be some gaps in communication and intimacy that could benefit from spending time on further exploration and conversation. If your results are a mix of A’s and B’s, then consider enhancing the existing connection through exercises and outside support.

Mostly C’s: Mostly C’s may not be the result you wanted, but don’t fret. This result does not mean that your husband doesn’t love you. However, it is a sign that your relationship is facing some challenges and requires some extra support. It may help to address your concerns with your husband and seek expert guidance for support. 

Remember, this quiz is intended to evoke reflection and insight. It is not intended to provide black-and-white answers about your relationship. Use it as a tool to realize your personal experience of your husband’s love and affection.

does your husband love you quiz

My advice if you’re worried that your husband may not love you anymore

I’m Julie, a licensed and certified couples therapist in Cincinnati. In my practice, I’ve seen all kinds of marriages, from newlyweds to married couples who have been together for decades. I help both couples and individuals deal with relationship concerns in a compassionate, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. 

I understand that your mind might be racing with doubts and concerns, so I’d like to offer you some advice from the heart.

  • Put yourself first: Your well-being should absolutely be your top priority, always. When you take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically, you put yourself in an effective position to deal well with relationship challenges. Don’t neglect your own feelings while you’re wondering if your husband still loves you.
  • Initiate conversations: Relationships are nuanced, so only you and your husband really know the details. Approach your thoughts and concerns with your husband in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. Avoid blame, and encourage him to talk about his own honest feelings and perspective.
  • Embrace help: Don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Couples therapy can lead to a profound transformation in your relationship, but it only works when you accept that support is needed and you take the first step. Staying committed can be hard, but becomes a lot easier with the right support.
  • Renew the connection: Break the rut by trying new things, revisiting fun hobbies, or getting to know each other all over again. Find time away from the kids to spend quality time together. New experience inspires passionate play and reminds you and your spouse about the fun parts of your relationship.

Remember that it’s normal to face relationship challenges and that these challenges can be overcome. If you’re struggling or need some extra support, don’t hesitate to ask for help. This ‘does my husband really love me?’ quiz is just the beginning.

As a licensed Cincinnati couples therapist my mission is to give you the support you need for your relationship to thrive. Reach out and talk over a free phone consultation or learn more about my approach to couples therapy here.