Affairs and Betrayal

You never thought it’d happen to you.

Not in a million years would she cheat! You’d have bet your last dollar on him staying true!

You were happy! Or at least not really unhappy…right??

But here you are, someplace you never thought you’d be…Affair World. Infidelity Land. Betrayal Park.

And it sucks! It’s worse than you ever could’ve imagined, and you’d imagined it’d be bad.

“Leave!” your friends say. “Stay for the kids,” you hear from your family. Maybe your faith is putting pressure on you. Maybe money’s a problem.

Maybe you want to work it out…

but does that make you a wimp? A chump? A pushover? You have so many years together, so much time, and you still love them. Despite everything.

And then there’s the fear. Fear of starting over. Fear of being ALONE…FOREVER.

How can you trust again? How can you believe? Heal? Forget?

It probably seems hopeless and insurmountable, but I can help.

Lots of couples just like you have found themselves in Affair World, and while some have decided to split up, many have found ways to make their relationships stronger, happier and healthier in the aftermath.

By understanding why the affair happened, making changes to the things that weren’t working, and healing the pain you’re feeling, I can help you create a better relationship…together. I take a no-shame approach to affairs, which leads to quicker progress and longer-lasting results.

I have years of experience and countless hours of training from some of the leaders in the field of affair recovery: Esther Perel, Michelle Wiener, Terry Real, Sue Johnson and Harville Hendrix, to name just a few.

I use tools created by the Julie and John Gottman and Janis Abrams Spring to quickly get to the heart of what went wrong and start making it better…fast.

Your stay in Infidelity Land doesn’t have to last forever! Let’s talk about the way forward!