[PODCAST] Why to make yourself more interesting?

Check out my friend Cory Carlson’s podcast:

Win at Home First
featuring … ME!

About the Podcast

Cory wrote a great book by the same title (Win at Home First), all about how you really can’t be fully successful in business if your personal life’s a mess. I couldn’t agree more! AND, business success doesn’t mean nearly as much if you don’t have someone to share it with: your cheerleader, your teammate, your love.

We cover everything from empathy to Enneagram; from dating to daily practices. He asks some really great questions, like, “What’s the one quality all leaders should have?” and “How the heck do couples thrive during this pandemic?”…and we find out we’re in such agreement on so many things.

Truly, the qualities and skills that make someone successful in one arena, when applied differently, can make someone successful in another.

I can’t wait to hear what you think! And what topics you want me to cover in Part 2!

Podcast table of contents

  • How self-awareness improves your relationship with others at work and at home (3:25)
  • An extremely difficult question that can dramatically improve your interactions with others (5:18)
  • How to pull off a date night with your spouse even when you’re short on time and money (20:30)
  • A simple but game-changing way to organize all your priorities so your entire family achieves their goals (17:39)
  • The surprising way dating can help you avoid divorce (26:01)
  • How to optimize your energy levels for maximum productivity (34:25)