Is Counseling for Me?


Let me repeat that: You Deserve to Have Great Sex! We all do!

And yet, so few people actually are.

  • Maybe it’s because life’s just too busy, with work, and kids, and a house to manage.
  • Maybe your libido is a mismatch for your partner’s. Perhaps one of you has hang-ups they can’t get past.
  • Or it could be that one of you has preferences the other can’t get into.
  • Sometimes sex is painful, physically or emotionally.
  • Sometimes things just don’t “work” like you want them to.
  • Sometimes there’s been a betrayal, like an affair, and sex just feels too dangerous and overwhelming.

Whatever’s going on, sex therapy can help.

Therapy with me can help!

We’ll work together to understand what’s actually going on…is the problem physical? Emotional? Relational? Logistical? Then we’ll implement strategies to start making things better, fast. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little information. Sometimes, seeing a doctor makes sense. Maybe a tweak in your technique will make all the difference. Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered!

What can I expect?

Now, look, I know talking about sex is freakin’ awkward! I mean, it’s hard enough to talk about it with each other, but with a total stranger? EEK!

And that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? Sex lives in the shadows sometimes. Let’s bring it into the light and back into your lives!

Together, we will explore things like:

  • Sexual communication
  • Different styles of sex
  • How to initiate
  • Body image
  • Mind-body connection
  • How to be more playful and adventurous
  • How to heal from past messages or experiences
  • How to overcome sexual anxieties

Recently, a sex therapy client said to me, “Thank you. I had no idea it could be so easy to fix what wasn’t working between us. I can’t believe we ever entertained divorce over something like this.”

Don’t wait! Your amazing sex life is calling you…