Ohio Online Therapy

Video Therapy Beyond Coronavirus

Video therapy is here to stay! We were all catapulted into it as a result of the Coronavirus, and my clients have found they just love it! I listened to what they said, took a look at safety and health concerns, and decided to keep a strong online presence, while resuming in-person sessions as well.

Anxieties are still high, people continue to struggle with how to manage the uncertainty, couples and families are dealing with unprecedented proximity to each other…the time has never been better for online counseling!

While it’s not the same as doing counseling in-person, many of my clients love the convenience, privacy, and speed of online therapy!

Teletherapy offers some real benefits you probably want to think about:

  • Easy access to sessions, wherever you happen to be.
  • No interruption of sessions due to travel (yours or mine).
  • No need for childcare.
  • Members of a couple can be in separate locations.
  • No drive time.
  • No risk of running into people you know at the office.
  • No weather delays or cancellations.

As always, we can jump on a quick phone call to get your questions and concerns answered. I’m here for you as we all work our way toward whatever comes next.

In a world of hashtags, algorithms, and followers, let’s not forget the importance of a true human connection. We’re hardwired for it.

Online therapy has many benefits:

Familiarity: One of the biggest challenges facing prospective therapy clients is that initial appointment. All those things you hate about your doctor’s waiting room? They’re amplified in therapy.

Finding the office, uncomfortably sitting with other clients, waiting for your name to be called, turning anxiously every time the door opens. With teletherapy, it’s almost always in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel safe and secure. You can have your cozy blanket, your favorite mug, all the things that make you feel at ease. How much nicer does that sound?

. . .

Privacy: Let’s be honest, Cincinnati is “the biggest small-town” ever. We all know each other. I have walked into my waiting room more than once and seen awkward small talk between clients who knew each other. Teletherapy removes that concern completely. There’s no chance of running into your neighbor, your child’s teacher, or an ex!

. . .

Efficiency: Time is perhaps our most precious resource, and commutes can be frustrating and stressful for clients. Many of my clients talk about needing an extra hour on therapy days, for travel to and from the office.

Traffic delays can cause you to miss part of your session time, and it always seems to happen on the days you have a lot to talk about! Teletherapy eliminates that stressor completely. All you need is access to a device and a private place to talk.

. . .

Flexibility: Many of my clients have dual careers and children to raise, so getting both members of the couple to my office at the same time requires varsity-level scheduling skills.

With teletherapy, each member of the couple can login from wherever they are, which means no childcare plans need to be changed. I’ve done therapy where one member was at a child’s lacrosse practice and the other was at the office.

. . .

Safety: Cincinnati’s winter weather can put a glitch in plans. With teletherapy, there is no expectation that clients or therapist leave their homes in dangerous weather, there are no late cancellation fees, or consideration of what school districts are opened or closed. With teletherapy, the show can go on, each time.

. . .

Illness: The Coronavirus pandemic has made us all rightly aware of our own and others’ health. Keeping everyone safe and slowing the spread of the disease requires social distancing. Teletherapy lets clients get the help they need without compromising anyone’s health or well-being.

. . .

Wait Times Reduced: Finally, perhaps obvious but well worth stating is the benefit of near immediate access. With both therapist and client having constant access to their devices, therapy can happen quickly. If I don’t have to drive to my office to see someone, I can often get them into an open slot more quickly than I might otherwise have been able.

Most often I can accommodate clients within the week, if not within 24 hours depending on how quickly we can get things going. For clients who are in need to talk to someone urgently, or perhaps finally mustered up the courage to see someone, often waiting even a few days can seem like too much. Teletherapy lets me see people faster!