Empty Nesting

It happens almost without
you knowing it.

One minute you’re busy as hell building careers, running a household, and raising your kids. You can barely breathe.

The next minute, the kids are teenagers, and you’re looking at the reality of a quiet house, more hours than you know what to do with, and a virtual stranger sleeping beside you.

It’s so common for couples to lose themselves and their relationship in the chaos of family life. There was barely a moment for yourselves, what with work, family expectations, house chores, carpools, and kids’ activities. Your relationship took a backseat, didn’t it?

But now, the kids are leaving or already gone, off to live their own lives. Your careers are pretty well-established. And with fewer moving parts, home life is pretty much running like a well-oiled machine.

You have all the time in the world…but no real relationship.

You’ve become strangers to each other, and maybe to yourselves. Without kids’ activities and needs to run your days, you wonder what you’ll do on the weekends. You find you don’t have much to talk about anymore, or even much in common.

You’re not alone!

Most couples go through some version of this at some point.

The process of rediscovery and reconnection can be fun! By taking time to learn who you are now, and getting curious about who your partner is, you can recapture the old magic of your dynamic and find new ways to connect, create excitement, and deepen your love.