Cincinnati Men’s Counseling

Is Counseling for Me?

Guys, Does This Sound Like You?

It’s been a long time since you faced an unsolvable situation. You’ve usually been able to use logic, reason, and experience to figure most things out. It’s probably been quite awhile since you didn’t know what you were doing.

I know lots of men like you. You’re a leader, organized, a strategist with a ton of responsibility, well-respected. You run your department, your company, your operating room, your sales team. You’re crushing it at work. But when you walk in your front door it’s like you’re in a strange country without a map or compass.

I bet, if you’re totally honest with yourself, this is all causing you to doubt yourself. When was the last time you didn’t know how to fix something? What’s wrong with you that you can’t make your partner happy, or be happy with them? It seems like other people have this ‘relationship-stuff’ figured out…why the hell can’t you?

You may be feeling so lost, for the first time in…well…you can’t remember when you felt this unsure of what to do, where to go, who to talk to. It’s unnerving, and it’s easier just to pretend it isn’t there, bury yourself in work, or parenting, or your golf game, and cross your fingers it’ll get better on its own.

But…deep down inside, you know it won’t.

So, who do you talk to about all of this, when our society tells men it’s not OK to ask for help?

I’ve worked with hundreds of Cincinnati guys over the years on issues like these, and they all have come away feeling heard, understood and better able to navigate their lives and relationships. I know what works for men in therapy, and it is so different than what works for women.

You’re a good man, with a good heart, but you may be feeling:

  • Like giving up and accepting that this is all there is.
  • As if nothing you do is the right thing, or good enough, or just plain “enough”.
  • As if the target is always moving, and expectations are always changing.
  • That you just don’t care anymore.

Therapy with me can help!

I want to help you show up authentically as the man in your life and relationships, while being the partner your woman wants you to be. There ARE ways to do both, and I can help you find something that feels genuine and is effective.


I love working with men! I’ve trained extensively with two of therapy’s thought-leaders on working with men, and have applied that learning to working with hundreds of men in Cincinnati over the years. I’m an expert in helping men become more authentically themselves, thus being happier in their relationships, their lives, and their work.

What can I expect?

I can help you:

  • Learn how to be authentically male AND be what your woman wants you to be.
  • Effectively communicate what you want and need in a way that’s more likely to get it for you.
  • Be the supportive, loving partner you want to be.
  • Feel equipped with tools to help you navigate any rough patches.
  • Improve the quality of your sexual connection to your mate.

One of my super-powers is putting “woo-woo” relationship jargon into logical, guy-friendly words. That’s why so many medical professionals, business leaders, and tech guys just love me. It’s like one of you is a Mac, and the other is a PC…you need an interface to bridge the gaps between you, something to translate what each of you wants and needs into language you can both understand.

I’m nothing like the stereotypical therapist you’ve seen in movies and on TV. I’m direct, clear, and realistic. I’ll hold you accountable and I’ll be accountable to you. Together, we’ll understand what isn’t working, then I’ll help you figure out how to roll up your sleeves and dig in.

Set up your Q & A Call and let’s get started!